Saturday, July 17, 2010

We left Riverside California and headed for San Diego.We found a park just East of San Diego close to where my Mom and Dad lived. We found the nightly rate quite expensive but set in for a week of visiting family before we took off for our great adventure. Included in our purchase price was three free nights in Palm Springs, a resort park. Nothing but class here. It was April and the weather was getting quite hot as this is in the desert. The park was almost deserted as the "snowbirds" a term for full time RVers who follow the warm weather year round were all gone. We found that in this particular park that you purchase your space and can stay there whenever you want to.Believe me we were out of our class there. Nothing but the most expensive motor homes parked there and most of them had left for the summer to head for cooler country. We were supposed to be approached by a salesman there to purchase a lot but with my 30 foot class "C" they didn't bother. There were tennis courts three swimming pools, all covered, a nine hole golf course, and a lot of other amenities. Not for us. While we were there a forty foot motor home pulled up in front of our space and was pulling a trailer.The trailer had the same paint job as the RV. The driver climbed out of his rig opened the back door of the trailer went into it and drove out a Mercedes-Benz.We left three days later when our free days ran out. We're heading for Bull head City, Arizona.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

And Away We Go

Have you ever thought that you would like to chuck everything and just head for the road? In 1996 I retired. We sold everything we thought we wouldn't need, stored belongings we had left, bought a motor home and hit that road.Used part of my retirement money to purchase a 30 foot class "C" motor home. Prepared my 1992 Toyota Corrola so that it could be towed Packed our belongings, and we were away. We set a plan for five years of travel and to find a place we could call home when we finally lit. Now I know this sounds difficult but believe me it isn't. You know the saying,"If you believe it you can achieve it?" We, my wife Nedra and I, threw caution to the wind and began our adventure, and what an adventure. I'll post some pics and continue the story on my next post.